Voice: Eleonora D’Ettole
Double Bass: Marco Ricci
Guitar: Roberto Porroni

It was an hot Summer Evening, and I was in Varenna, Como See, Lecco shore.
Villa Monastero, where the Concert took place, on August 25th 2009 A place to be remembered, where the Music of the Lake is intense, whose melodies are spread all around in the Air.
Here you may listen a really agreeable, hot, intense penetrating voice, the one of Eleonora D’Ettole.
She sang “Moon River”. A classic, whose intensity may be well perceived trought notes.
Eleonora enhances into this pieces a further beauty, with her rich and sweet at a time voice.
But Eleonora wasn’t alone. She’d got an exceptional group. Marco Ricci, Double bass. He’s her boyfriend, and one of the best Jazz Players. His creativity and skill is vell perceived during this execution.
Roberto Porroni, Guitar, is one of the best Guitarists all around the World, and also well known for his creativity and ability to face new Musical genres.
Here, Roberto is really superb even in this repertory.
The ensemble is of a really astonishing beauty. A beauty telling us that Music is the best thing Human Being produced. And it’s necessary to pursue it. Overcoming problems and troubles. What Music can give you’ll pay for any effort.

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